Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

A lot of our hunting areas availible to us here are logged off areas or near logged off areas. Unless you are lucky enough to catch a buck in rut out chasing a doe across a cut, I would suggest doing a little leg work, it will pay off! Spending extra time scouting and learning the area can pay enormous dividends!

Look for deer trails, runways inside the tree line around the cuts. Quite often there are buffers of trees left standing along creeks & lakes. These can create some fantastic funnel areas and are prime locations to set up. Also due to the fact that there is almost as much water as there is land in our area, creek crossing points like beaver dams are also prime areas. Also calls and rattleing along with scents work great in and around the rut! We have had some of our largest deer drawn in with a rattle bag or grunt tube!

If you are patient and selective you can harvest the buck of a lifetime using these techniques!