About Us:

My name is Leonard Davis and with my wife Nancy and our Daughter ,Katie, we would like to welcome you to Davis' Bonny Bay Camp where you will experience one of the best vacations that can be found in the great outdoors. From being able to step out into the fresh morning air after a good night's sleep to fishing at our favorite spots or swimming at our beach during the day to spending Wednesday nights with my family for our weekly cook out (Nancy is known as one of the best camp cooks and it's always a real treat), you will find yourself enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds our piece of heaven here on earth.

Fishing is easy to be excited about here at Bonny Bay Camp as we offer a world-class fishery to help you achieve your goal of catching 'the biggest fish', or at least one bigger than your wife's fish (Nancy, you know mine was a half ounce heavier). We want to make your fishing experience the best it can be and do our utmost by offering you first timers to the lake a personal tour to the spots where we know the fish like to hang out or a map for those hardy adventurers who like to have the ultimate fishing ad explore on their own. Also, we are available to help launch your boat and are always ready to swap tips on fishing. We are avid fishermen ourselves and with our years of experience, we are here to help you have the ultimate fishing adventure.

Bonny Bay Camp has been in the family for years starting with my grandparents who built the camp in the 1950's. And it seems to be destiny Nancy grew up at a lodge just outside of Dryden that her parents owned. We both have fond memories of long summer days and would like to share our world with you. Come and join us at Bonny Bay Camp for the best summer holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.