Wabigoon Lake Trophy Northern Pike Fishing

Wabigoon Lake has over 50,000 acres of warm water with countless deep weedy bays laden with heavy water-cabbage patches, which are close to rocky points, drop-offs and sand bars. These are the prime territories for big trophy Northern Pike. The Northern Pike also have plenty of food in the form of Walleye, Perch, Bass and other baitfish. All these factors combined is why Wabigoon Lake is where the serious Pike Hunter goes fishing.

Northern Pike in our lake average between 24 and 36 inches. Our guests catch and release many in the 40 to 44 inch range. There are lots of good eating size Pike in the lake but most guests fish for a trophy.

On an average day a angler can expect to catch 30 northerns. There are always better days. It's rare to have a day when the Northern Pike are not biting so the amount of time spent on Pike fishing is the biggest factor leading toward your success. Pike and Muskie share the same areas of the lake so while Pike fishing you should catch Muskie as well.