Wabigoon Lake Trophy Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike 1 Along with being renowned water for walleye and muskie fishing, Wabigoon Lake is also an excellent northern pike fishery. Within its 50,000 acres of fishable water there are numerous weedy bays laden with heavy water-cabbage patches. These patches are close to rocky points, drop-offs, and sand bars, and represent prime territories for trophy northern pike. Northern pike also have plenty of food in the form of walleye, perch, bass, crappie, and other baitfish. These factors combined are why Wabigoon Lake is where the serious northern pike angler goes fishing.

Northern pike in Wabigoon are plentiful, and in a typical day an angler can expect to catch upwards of 30 fish, although there are always better days. It is rare to have a day when the northern pike are not biting so the amount of time spent on pike fishing is the biggest factor leading toward your success. Northern pike in Wabigoon Lake average between 24 and 36 inches, though our guests catch and release many exceeding 40 inches each week.

It is not uncommon to catch large northern pike while jigging or trolling for walleye, or even to have a northern pike attack a walleye you are reeling in. In addition, northern pike and muskie are often found in the same habitat, so it should not be a surprise to end up with a muskie on your line during your day targeting northern pike.

Northern Pike Fishing Regulations

• Season is open all year
• Possession limits S-4, C-2
• No fish are to be kept greater than 75cm (29.5")
Bonny Bay Camp Policy - No fish kept under 61cm (24") or greater than 75cm (29.5"). Bonny Bay Camp policies are established to distinguish its guests as leaders in the stewardship of the fisheries resource.

Northern Pike 2

Wabigoon Lake Northern Pike Fishing Tips & Map of Pike Hotspots

Spring & Early Summer: Just like the Walleyes, they are near the feeder creeks and the shallow weed beds. Mid-sized crank baits, spoons and buck tails work well. You can troll crank baits on the weed lines or cast the spoons or buck tails into the weed beds, due to the colder water temperatures it is good to cast slower moving bait at this time of year. Find buck tails with large Colorado blades that allow you to retrieve them slowly and still maintain some flotation.

Late Summer and Early Fall: This is when you have a chance to catch a real hog. The pike really start to pack on the weight now. They love spinner baits buzzed over the weeds as well as larger crank baits, or jerk baits. The biggest mistake people make when fishing pike on Wabigoon is they don't fish shallow enough, 1 to 5 feet of water is perfect

Print Map of Northern Pike Hotspots on Wabigoon Lake (Adobe .pdf)