Wabigoon Lake Trophy Walleye Fishing

Walleye 2 With over 50,000 acres of water, countless miles of shoreline, inflowing creeks, and rivers and nine adjoining lakes, Wabigoon Lake is a walleye anglers dream come true.

Wabigoon Lake is considerably warmer and more nutrient rich than most Northwestern Ontario lakes, thus the population of walleyes seems inexhaustible. These factors combined with perfect walleye structure including numerous islands, shoreline transitions, rivers, shoals, rocky points, and deep weed-beds, makes Wabigoon Lake one of the best walleye lakes in Canada and a top trophy walleye hotspot in Ontario.

Walleyes in Wabigoon Lake are common in the 14 to 18-inch range, and these are the best fish for eating. However, many are caught and released by guests in the 20-30+ inch range every week.

Anglers do not need to travel far from camp to find walleye and can even catch fish without leaving the dock. During the early season walleye stage in the warm shallow bays near the feeder creeks close to camp. Walleye fishing is also fantastic right off the dock from season opener into late June. As the lake water warms in summer, the walleyes migrate away from the shallows to the many sunken islands and shoals within sight of camp. You can also take a short boat ride down a scenic creek into the increasingly clearer waters of the Butler Lake Provincial Nature Preserve. This picturesque preserve has numerous connected lakes and is a favourite location for tournament walleye anglers. As the lake cools in the fall, the walleyes prefer the many weed-lines in the bays and around the islands near camp. While anglers can explore the lake, and find fish throughout, you do not need to venture far from Bonny Bay to experience enjoyable walleye fishing.

Walleye & Sauger Fishing Regulations

• Season opens 3rd Saturday in May
• Possession limits Sportfishing 4, Conservation 2
• Non-residents may only keep 2 fish per day toward their possession limit
• No fish are to be kept between 46cm-58cm (18.1"-22.8")
• Not more than 1 greater than 58cm (22.8")
Bonny Bay Camp Policy - No Walleye kept under 35cm (14") or greater than 46cm (18.1"). Bonny Bay Camp policies are established to distinguish its guests as leaders in the stewardship of the fisheries resource.

Walleye 3

Wabigoon Lake Walleye Fishing Tips & Map of Walleye Hotspots

Spring: You can fill your boat with eaters using a 1/8 or 1/4 oz jig tipped with a minnow, twister tail or shad tail. The key in the spring is fish shallow (2' to 6') near gravel bars or feeder creeks. Also the Walleyes are very lethargic and the slower you can move your bait the better. You can pick up a trophy this way but your odds are better with small crank baits, shad raps or tail dancers.

Summer: The jigs still work well only you may want to tip it with a leach or night crawler. Spinners also work well. This time of the year depending upon the weather conditions, the key locations are on humps (sunken islands) and you can find them anywhere from the shallow water on top of the hump to suspended along side or at the bottom edge in deep water, usualy they move deeper when a cold front moves in.

Fall: This is a lot like spring fishing as they start to move back near the feeder creeks. Only this time of the year you can gear up with a larger minnows on a jig or bottom bouncer, and you will make it a trip to remember!

Print Map of Walleye Hotspots on Wabigoon Lake (Adobe .pdf)