Wabigoon Lake Crappie Fishing

Crappie, also called the Crappy, is considered an invasive species in Ontario. It's not quite clear how they got into Ontario's waters but their population is exploding and they are spreading. The most common species is the Black Crappie. They were first found in the Kawartha Lakes (Southern Ontario) back in the early 90s, which gave them access to the Great Lakes thus a free swim west. They were first found in Wabigoon Lake a few years ago and since then they are becoming more and more common with some getting to be large.

It's hard to say how common they are in Wabigoon Lake because traditionally nobody fished for them. Our guests are catching more and more each year while Perch and Walleye fishing. It's hard to tell what environmental impact they will have on the lake but one thing is for sure, they are another tasty treat for Muskie, Pike and our guests.