Area Lake Trout Lakes

Lake Trout There are no Lake Trout in Wabigoon Lake. Wabigoon is too shallow and gets too warm in the summer. However, there are some Lake Trout Lakes within a short drive from the camp.

We do not take our boats to other lakes but for those with there own boats that want to be adventurous you can access the lakes below for a trout fishing opportunity.

· Thunder Lake, 5 minutes from camp
· Ghost Lake, 15 minutes from camp
· Snake Bay, 35 minutes from camp
· Stormy Lake, 35 minutes from camp
· Gullwing Lake, 40 minutes from camp
· Route Lake, 50 minutes from camp
· Little Vermillion Lake, 50 minutes from camp
· Big Vermillion Lake, 1 hour from camp

Lake Trout Fishing Regulations

• Open Season: January 1 to Sept. 30
• Limit - Sport License: 2 in your possession
• Limit - Conservation License: 1 in your possession
• Size Restrictions: Only 1 over 56 cm (22")