Lake Trout Fishing:

There are no Lake Trout in Wabigoon Lake. Wabigoon is too shallow and gets too warm in the summer. However, we have some awesome Lake Trout Lakes within a short drive from the camp.

The average size Lake Trout caught by our guests are in the 16 to 25-inch range. On an average day you can catch 6 to 8 Lake Trout with the proper techniques. There are good days when guests catch 10 to 12 trout. Lake Trout are a finicky fish and can be hard to catch at times. They are very sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure, which causes them to stop feeding. The prime time to fish for trout is in the morning or evening when the weather has been consistent for a couple of days.

In the last couple of years, there has been a 14-pound Lake Trout caught while ice fishing and a 12-pound Laker caught while downrigging.

Guided Day Trips:

We offer regular guided trips to Thunder Lake where we down-rig for lakers. It's nothing to catch 8 or 10 in a evening usually ranging from 2 to 5 lbs average with the odd 14lbs or so.

  • Thunder Lake, 5 minutes from camp
  • Ghost Lake, 15 minutes from camp
  • Snake Bay, 35 minutes from camp
  • Stormy Lake, 35 minutes from camp,
  • Gullwing Lake, 40 minutes from camp
  • Route Lake, 50 minutes from camp
  • Little Vermillion Lake, 50 minutes from camp
  • Big Vermillion Lake, 1 hour from camp

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