Wabigoon Lake Jumbo Perch Fishing

Perch Wabigoon Lake has many weedy bays where great populations of Perch can be found. Because of the size of the lake, perch in our lake get large enough to be classified as Jumbo Perch.

It's really easy to catch Perch in Wabigoon Lake. Just drift off the weed beds with a tiny spinner or straight hook with a little worm and you will catch them. They will also hit small jigs and small lures.

With an Ontario Sport Fishing license, you can keep 50 Perch, which is a great way to bring home fish for the big fish fry.

Yellow Perch Fishing Regulations:

• Open Season: Open all year
• Limit - Sport License: 25 per day - 50 in your possession
• Limit - Conservation License: 25 in your possession

Perch Fishing Tips

Wabigoon Lake is swarming with Perch as they are one of the main bait fish for bigger species. You will find Perch almost everywhere in the lake but hiding in weeds is their most predictable behavior.

Perch will hit small lures and spinners with a worm. They will also hit tiny jigs tipped with a small piece of worm. If you want to target Perch and catch a mess of them the best way to catch them is anchor beside a thick weed bed and fish straight down beside the boat with a small hook and a tiny piece of worm. Generally the boat and fishing activity will attract them. There is another trick you might want to try.

Stop your boat at the end of a thick weed bed. Throw your anchor into the weeds as far as you can and then use your boat to pull the anchor out to the edge of the weeds. Then bring the boat back to the anchor so the rope is short and tie off. When you pulled the anchor through the weeds it stirred up the bottom and most likely broke-off a bunch of weeds, which will be around the rope and anchor. Stirring up all the weeds and bottom will attract Perch from a farther distance. Keep fishing straight down or casting and in a few minutes you will find the population of Perch near your boat is greater and the bigger Perch have also come to the boat