Wabigoon Lake Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips & Map of Bass Hotspots

Spring and Early Summer: Target areas near shore where there is an abundance of broken rock, the smallies love this and nest here in mid June. Smallies love crayfish so Pumpkinseed tube jigs, artificial crayfish, small crank baits imitating crayfish, rebel crayfish or the hot-n-tot in crayfish colors work great!

Late Summer and Early Fall: You can have some fantastic action as they will school up on the sunken islands, we have had great catches on jigs tipped with leaches at this time of year! The Smallmouth Bass feed extra well this time of year to fattening up for winter. It can be non-stop action

Print Map of Smallmouth Bass Hotspots on Wabigoon Lake (Adobe .pdf)