Ice fishing tips:

Not like the summer, you are allowed to fish with two lines here in the winter! The best approach is to use one tip up along with a Jigging rod.

Lake Trout:

Trout can't resist a herring on a gorge hook tipped with a minnow or two. It is good to change your depth's until you locate them as they can be suspended, or better yet use your vexlar and find the depth where they are suspended or not and set up there.

For jigging trout, airplane jig's, little cleo's, Sutton spoons, Williams wabbler's, blade baits and also your traditional Swedish Pimple work great!


Set a line with a minnow on either a small jig or straight hook just off of the bottom. Jig with small jig's tipped with a minnow, or power bait, this takes a little more finesse that trout jigging, as you don't have to use such a large vertical movement.

Northern Pike:

Pike like a set line with a large minnow, sucker or herring, make sure that you set the hook quickly to prevent damage to the fish, as there is a slot size and you may have to release it. Jig with blade baits or a small spoon, sometimes if you tip the spoon with a grub or live minnow it makes it a little more enticing.


Small minnows on a small straight hook on a set line, with a oz split shot about 12 to 16" up the line work great!

Jig with 1/8 oz or smaller jigs tipped with a small minnow.

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