Just about every Musky Hunter would like to catch a World Record, but...
Do Muskies Really Get That Big??
by Larry Ramsell, Research Editor

And let us certainly not forget the musky that Bernard Lebeau captured in his net on Wabigoon Lake at Dryden, Ontario in 1985. At approximately 5 feet long and a head so big that Bernard couldn't get his arm all the way around it, it was massive. Unfortunately it got ornery and escaped shortly after the photograph, seen here with and provided by Bernard (see photo), was shot, so no length, girth or weight was taken. Had they been able to corral it, it would have been implanted with a transmitter and could have provided some incredible data! As a side bar to that fish, after Bernard examined the Ontario record 65 pounder caught by Ken O'Brien in 1988, he told me by phone...:

"I hate to tell you this, but the Wabigoon fish was much larger than O'Brien's fish!"

Larry Ramsell is a guide, writer and seminar speaker that lives and works in the Hayward Lakes area of northwestern Wisconsin and can be reached at: 715-634-9882 or via e-mail at: larryramsell@hotmail.com

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